Call for book proposals! “Studies in Art, Heritage, Law and the Market” (Springer)


I’m on the editorial board of this new series and we’re actively seeking new proposals

Are you pondering a monograph or edited volume on something that relates to art, heritage, law, and/or the art market? Do consider submitting a proposal to out new Springer series. The series addresses a need for research and practice in the fields of art, culture, conservation, and heritage including a focus on legal and economic aspects. It deals with complex issues such as questions of authenticity and provenance; forgery and falsification; the illicit trade, restitution, and return of cultural objects; the changing roles of museums; the roles of experts and expertise; and the ethics of the art market.

We are seeking proposals that do any of the following:

  • investigate legal, economic, and policy developments related to arts, heritage, and intellectual property;
  • critically assess how and for whom art and heritage values come about;
  • promote novel forms of user engagement, participatory presentations, and digitalization of arts and heritage;
  • examine the processes that transform cultural objects and practices into arts and heritage;
  • highlight new approaches in preservation and conservation science.

This is intentionally broad and we are open to interesting ideas within this general remit.

My own recent volume, edited with Naomi Oosterman, came out in this series.

You can find more information about the series, including the guidelines and book proposal form here: