Accepting PhD Proposals: Maastricht University Faculty of Law


The Maastricht University Faculty of Law is, once again, accepting PhD proposals for NINE fully funded PhD positions (FIVE as full time PhDs, FOUR as junior lecturer/PhD researchers). This is an open call, so the applicant is asked to submit a PhD proposal on their chosen topic, and it is evaluated competitively.

The link to the call for proposals can be found by clicking here.

I’m able to propose one candidate for these scholarships and thus I invite strong candidates to get in touch with me.


I will only consider projects that fall into my research area. This means projects focused on crimes related to cultural objects, fossils, wildlife, or other rare and collectable things. That is a broad category, and I am very open to interpretation here, but I cannot move outside of it for PhD supervision.

I will only consider projects that fit into a criminology or law faculty. This funding only covers those projects. Sorry arts and humanities folks, this isn’t the funding for you.

I will only consider projects from applicants who have a law, criminology, or related background. The faculty will not consider people without such a background to be prepared for a law PhD.

I will only consider projects from law school graduates who have an LLM, master’s, or equivalent. I’m sorry, my fellow Americans, a US law school degree is the equivalent to a law bachelors degree in Europe. It isn’t a high enough degree to move straight to PhD. Folks start law school here at 18. It isn’t fair, I know, but the entire American university system setup isn’t fair.

I can only propose one project/applicant for this scholarship. Thus I will be selecting the strongest project to support and I cannot offer you significant help with the development of your proposal. The quality of the proposal is pretty much all I have to go on with regards to selecting which applicant to support; it needs to be your work.

There is no guarantee that you will be successful. This is a very competitive process.

A second supervisor must be willing to support your project. At Maastricht. And you will need to do the work to find them, although I can make suggestions.

I will not accept project proposals after 2 April. The submission deadline is 2 May, but I require a few weeks to work with an applicant to fine tune their proposal.