Art Crime Research Opportunities: 6 November


Learning, networking, conference and employment opportunities in cultural property, art crime research, antiquities trafficking research, provenance studies, and related things. Postings are not endorsements.

Please let me know of any opportunities to announce.

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1. Art and Antiquities Crime, Call for Papers

Dr Damien Huffer is guest editing a special issue of Heritage and is looking for articles concerning the theme of illicit antiquities and applications of technology broadly. Have a look!

When: Submissions by 31 December 2019
Where: N/A
Cost: N/A

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2. Terms of Art: Understanding the Mechanics of Dispossession During the Nazi Period, Conference, New York

“The Department of Financial Services’ Holocaust Claims Processing Office is hosting the first New York State symposium for practitioners in the field of art restitution to explore the methods of involuntary loss from a historical, art historical and practical basis.”

When: 7–8 May 2020
Where: New York City
Cost: Free

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3. Anti-Money Laundering Compliance (Christie’s Auction House), Internship, New York

Christie’s is offering an 18 week paid internship focused on anti-money laundering compliance. Folks interested in AML and the art world, this one could be interesting.

When: Closes 11 November 2019
Where: Christie’s Auction House, New York
Pay: Unknown

More Info:—Legal–Anti-Money-Laundering-Compliance–New-York_JR00007415

4. Tulane-Siena Institute for International Law, Cultural Heritage & the Arts, Summer School, Siena, Italy

A programme open to a number of disciplines that focuses on the legal aspects of art, antiquities, etc. Great people teaching on this top programme.

When: 24 May–19 June 2020
Where: Siena, Italy
Cost: $4,000 + $175 fieldtrip fee

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5. Respect and Protect: Fulfilling the Obligation to Safeguard Cultural Property in the Military Context, Conference, London

The Society of Antiquaries, Historic England, along with the UK Blue Shield and Newcastle University are putting on this interesting conference about the role of the military in protecting cultural objects and sites

When: 29 November 2019
Where: London
Cost: £15

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6. Replicas in Museums and Heritage Contexts: Putting Theory into Practice, Workshop, Edinburgh

Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities Heritage Hub (partnering with NMS, ICOMOS UK, and University of Stirling) is putting on a workshop for 8 postgraduate students and 10 museum/heritage professionals on this interesting topic. Theory and practice of working with replicas in heritage contexts.

When: Apply by 11 November, event on 28 November 2019
Where: National Museums of Scotland Collections Centre, 242 West Granton Road, Edinburgh
Cost: Free, students get to claim back their travel costs

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7. Grants and Evaluation Manager, Cultural Protection Fund, Job,

The UK’s Cultural Protection Fund is seeking a Senior Grants Manager, a Grants and Evaluation Manager, and a Grants Manager. You’re sure to work with interesting projects with this fund. Location negotiable with four potential options around the UK.

When: Apply by 18 November 2019
Where: Based in Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh or Belfast
Pay: Various

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8. Art Markets without Borders – artists, networks, demand, value, Conference, Melbourne, Australia

“Art Markets without Borders – artists, networks, demand, value” is a conference convened by the Art Market Studies Research Project at the University of Melbourne. It will consider the past, present and future dynamics of world art markets.”

When: Abstracts by 15 December 2019, Conference on 3 June 2020
Where: University of Melbourne
Cost: Free (?)

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