Culture Crime News and Stolen Gods updates


Both sites are updated after a hiatus, and should be updated regularly

Now some of you know that I’m mostly a one woman act with these websites. With some sometimes input from intrepid student volunteers during autumn term, the realities of academic research funding mean I go it alone. All of the work behind compiling the Culture Crime News database and the Stolen Gods database, as well as compiling and sending out the Culture Crime News weekly email and the Antiquities and Art Crime Research Opportunities List email, is me. And I’ve got a more-than-full-time job.

When the more-than-full-time job becomes an EVEN MORE than more-than-full-time job, something has to give and sadly, it’s these extras. However, my obligations are clearing up a bit for now so back they come.

Next up, fingers crossed, updates to the Trafficking Culture website. We have about 20 new case studies for the encyclopaedia done and waiting in the wings for upload. I just need to carve out a bit of time to do it.