Wanted: Antiquities Trafficking Intern


(must be a University of Glasgow Social Science PhD student…)

I am hiring! And because the University of Glasgow jobs website is both fickle and confused when it comes to links, I am going to post the job announcement here in its entirety. This internship, as I said above, is only open to current U0fG SPSS PhD students and will run for about 87 hours, 4 to 8 hours a week. Sorry, non-UofG folks, this is the stipulation of the funding. Other opportunities might open up in the future, however.

Vacancy reference number: GLA151210/1733076
Employer: University of Glasgow – School of Social & Political Sciences
Job title: University of Glasgow – School of Social & Political Sciences – Antiques Trafficking Intern
Closing date: 12/01/2016
Salary and benefits: £11.39/hour

Job description

Role Description:

The intern will aid in the creation of an online antiquities trafficking and art crime news database by adding several collections of articles into the emerging database. The intern will also use WordPress to add content to the site stolengods.org and will use Twitter to design and deploy research-related social media communications via @stolengods and @culture traffic. The intern may assist the supervisor in activities related to one free and three for-pay online courses regarding art and antiquities crime that are currently being developed.

Specific milestones and on-going tasks:

  • Incorporation of the archive of Culture Crime News weekly emails into the developing Art and Antiquities Crime Database
  • Incorporation of the StolenGod.org archive into the developing Art and Antiquities Crime Database
  • Inputting new articles into the StolenGods.org database (when needed)
  • Preparing advanced dissemination tweets for StolenGods.org and TraffickingCulture.org (when needed)
  • Digitisation of applicable articles (when needed)
  • Research assistance with the development of online course materials for MOOC and BOLD Initiative courses on art and antiquities crime (for an interested intern)

Location: On campus [no remote working]

What the intern will get out of the experience:

The core tasks that the intern will undertake will include the development of number of highly-sought transferable skills:

The students will be given instruction and gain experience in the following areas

  • Content Management Systems (use and some development; WordPress)
  • Database management and data curation
  • Use of social media in academic public relations and research dissemination
  • Website development re: design, data presentation, usability
  • Course development (for an interested intern)

Person requirements

Required Year of Study: PhD registered at the University of Glasgow
Required Degree Subject: Any from Social Sciences


E1 A knowledge and understanding of the higher education, teaching and research environment and of the activities of other areas of the University relevant to the project
E2 A proven track record of managing digital media channels and using social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) for the purposed of promotion and engagement
E3 Proven initiative and judgement to resolve problems independently.
E4 Excellent written and verbal communication skills
E5 Good presentation and facilitation skills
E6 Excellent interpersonal skills and an open and friendly manner
E7 Ability to suggest creative solutions to tackling barriers to project success
E8 Good IT skills including a good grasp of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Moodle
E9 Well-developed analytical and problem solving capability, and proven planning, organising and prioritising
E10 An ability to maintain accurate records relating to project data and project progress
E11 Proven track record of developing, delivering and promoting group events
E12 Some presentation experience

Contract: Fixed term

To Apply:

If you are interested in applying for an internship with the School of Social & Political Sciences please apply online by 4pm on Tuesday 12th January 2016. Late applications will not be accepted.

For guidance and help completing an application form or constructing a CV please visit www.glasgow.ac.uk/careers.

**You do not need to login into the Prospects system to apply, to apply please complete our online application form by clicking here**