Call for PhD Proposals in Criminology


Fully-funded position open in my department

The Department of Criminal Law and Criminology at Maastricht University (AKA my department), currently has an open call for PhD proposals. The call is here:

Key things to note about this opportunity:

  • PhDs are full employees at Maastricht and are considered colleagues, not students. This is an actual paying job with holiday time and pension contributions, with the person’s job being to do research towards their PhD as well as some teaching;
  • This is very competitive, only one project will be selected;
  • This is ONLY for Criminology or Criminal Law projects;
  • A strong, viable project proposal is needed, as is at least one supervisor to sign off

Thus, I am accepting pre-proposals from prospective PhDs who have a relevant sociology/criminology background and a good idea for research within my interest areas:

  • Antiquities trafficking
  • Art crime
  • Fossil crime
  • Crime rare, valuable, and collectable things
  • Money laundering and financial crime related to rare and valuable things
  • (Possibly) other forms of white collar or organisational crime

The deadline for the final submission of the proposal to the University is 31 August. However I require you to express your interest to me, with a CV and project summary, by 20 July. We do not have enough time to perfect the proposed project otherwise, and I cannot accept enquiries for this position after that date.

It might be helpful for those interested to take a look at this previous blog post since a lot of it applies.

I emphasise that this is a competitive position, and there will be a lot of applications, but if you have a strong background and a good idea, this could be a great opportunity.

Email me.