Tollund Toe

Culture crime news 17–23 October 2016

Hot this week: Lots of Libya chatter You can search the full Culture Crime News media database at General Massive Art Forgery Ring Reinforces Need For Vigilance Among Buyers (17 October 2016; Wealth Management) They suggest due diligence, documentation, and independent advice. Your dealer and your auction house want you to buy, hire a […]

Coin 2 Wima Kadphises by Xarbold CC BY
Stolen Emerald lingam
Palmyra Bust Plaque
Coin 12 Naxos Ar Drachm by CNG CC BY-SA
Saint Sebastian
Italy Archeology Exhibition
Coin 4 Drachme Bithynie Héraclée Free Use
Coin 16 Didrachme_de_Ionie by Lequenne Gwendoline CC BY-SA
Cusco church fire