Culture crime news 19–25 January 2015
Italy Looted Antiquities

Hot this week: Italy displays the Becchina haul.

Culture crime news 12–18 January 2015
Sikh dagger theft

Hot this week: Very bad things in India.

Cultural guardian confronts the looters, a profile of…me.
2014.12.10 Kathmandu 78 National Museum Sculpture Me

*Blush*/*Shameless self promotion* Times Higher Education has done a feature on me for part of their Research at the Edge…

Culture crime news 5–11 January 2015

Hot this week: Culture Crime News is back!

Failures and consequences of antiquities trafficking policy: rethinking ‘country-specific’ regulation

A taster abstract for one of the journal papers I have “in submission”.

Culture crime news 1–7 December 2014

Hot this week: Oh my gosh the British Museum has gone completely mental.

National Geographic selling jewellery made from unprovenanced Roman glass
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 21.43.54

UPDATE: The amazing Morag Kersel points out that glass is excepted under Israeli law and doesn’t require a permit. Leaving…

Culture crime news 24–30 November 2014

Hot this week: Major Thai corruption scandal including antiquities trafficking and the royal family!

Culture crime news 17–23 November 2014

Hot this week: Some truly terrible people stole baby body parts from a Thai museum.

New Book! Cultural Property Crime: An Overview and Analysis on Contemporary Perspectives and Trends
Cultural Property Crime

Cultural Property Crime An Overview and Analysis on Contemporary Perspectives and Trend Edited by Joris D. Kila and Marc Balcells,…

Culture crime news 10–16 November 2014

Hot this week: A very famous Egyptian faces charges.

Ethically questionable AIA St Louis Maya vessel sells for well over 2x estimate at Bonhams
Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 19.50.19

Yep. Someone bought those ethically questionable Mesoamerican pieces sold at Bonhams. Okay, sure, all the Mesoamerican pieces being sold at…

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