Culture crime news 8–14 September 2014

Hot this week: We’re still all talking about Indian idols.

Investigating the trafficking of cultural objects: lineup for SAA 2015
Miami Stolen Art

This could be the most awesome Society for American Archaeology session ever. You all have to wait until April for…

Culture crime news 1–7 September 2014
NGA Shiva Return

Hot this week: Back to India for two looted National Gallery of Australia pieces.

Culture crime news 25–31 August 2014
New Caledonia Skull Return

Hot this week: SERIOUSLY, was the Amphipolis tomb looted or not?

Drunk Archaeology podcast: …it belongs in a museum!
Drunk Archaeology

My esteemed colleagues and I managed to get through a Drunk Archaeology episode on the illicit antiquities trade without much…

Culture crime news 18–24 August 2014
Demeter scupture recovered from illegal dig Turkey 2014 04 17

Hot this week: Well, was the Amphipolis tomb looted or not?

Culture crime news 11–17 August 2014
Italian Chapel Orkney

Hot this week: Church looting in Scotland, England, and Italy.

Culture crime news 4–10 August 2014
Returned greek coins

Hot this week: Vandalism of statues of some the UK’s most notable figures, Queen Victoria and Clyde the terrifying Commonwealth…

Researching the global trade in looted cultural objects (slides with audio)
Prezi Clip

I am (slowly) adding audio to all of my online presentations and here is the first. For reasons beyond my…

Call for Abstracts: Investigating the trafficking of cultural objects
San Fran

Society for American Archaeology Meeting San Francisco, April 15-19, 2015 I’ve decided to/agreed to chair an SAA session on the…

Culture crime news 28 July–3 August 2014
Ma'arra Museum

Hot this week: Colombian returns and Colombian busts.

Culture crime news 21–27 July 2014
Returned Angels Entrega-de-las-piezas-a-Gabriel-Fernandez-acompanado-del-inspector-Marcos-Castro-CNP_G

Hot this week: Corruption! Antiquities police officer in Greece arrested and 2 heritage officials convicted in Macedonia for antiquities trafficking…

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