Culture crime news 13–19 April 2015

Hot this week: Indian sculpture heading back from Canada

Culture crime news 6–12 April 2015
2015.4.9 Bolivia return ceremony for paintings stolen from templo de San Martín, Potisí by Juan Karita for AP 2

Hot this week: Destruction at Nimrud

Culture crime news 30 March–5 April 2015
2015.4.1 India Kapoor artefacts in Honolulu Museum of Art turned over to authorities By Caleb Jones For AP 6

Hot this week: Lots of looted Indian and Nepali stuff exposed in USA

Culture crime news 23–29 March 2015

Hot this week: Lots of restitution news

Culture crime news 16–22 March 2015

Hot this week: Tragedy in Tunisia.

Culture crime news: 9–15 March

Hot this week: Missing Michelangelo letter?

Culture crime news 2 March–8 March 2015

Hot this week: Further loss in Iraq.

Poor reporting of the destruction of heritage threatens our ability to protect the past.

This has been a rough week for the past, one in a long line of rough weeks.

Culture crime news 23 February–1 March 2015
Looting in Ecuador Manta

Hot this week: Destruction at the Mosul museum.

Culture crime news 16–22 February 2015
Painting repatriated to Peru via Andina

Hot this week: Syria.

Culture crime news 9–15 February 2015
Bark Art Fish Australia

Hot this week: The UN acts on Syria, but is this an act?

Culture crime news: 2–8 February 2015

Hot this week: UN bans that that sound great but aren’t likely to do much.

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