Culture crime news 20–26 July 2015
Gold returned from france to china

Hot this week: France returns gold to China and no one quite knows how to react.

Culture crime news 13–19 July 2015
Serpent Mound

Hot this week: Confusion over antiquities ‘returned’ to Iraq

Culture crime news 6–12 July 2015

Hot this week: Father turns in son as temple thief. Temple pays for son’s rehab.

Culture crime news 29 June–5 July 2015

Hot this week: Palmyra outrage and confusion

Culture crime news 22–28 June 2015

Hot this week: Nazi art, Hitler’s art, and, literally, Hitler’s art.

Culture crime news 16–21 June 2015

Hot this week: The UK to finally ratify the Hague Convention.

Culture crime news 8–15 June 2015
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Xinhua/REX Shutterstock (4847935b)
People search survivors after the air strikes in the Old City of Sanaa
Sanaa hit by airstrikes, Yemen - 12 Jun 2015
Warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition forces bombed a historical site inscribed on the UN World Heritage List in Yemen's capital Sanaa on Friday and killed at least six civilians. The Old City of Sanaa, situated in a mountain valley, has been inhabited for more than 2,500 years. In the seventh and eighth centuries, the city became a major center for the propagation of Islam, comprising 103 mosques, 14 hammams and over 6,000 houses, all built before the eleventh century. It was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1986

Hot this week: Loss of ‘World Heritage’ in Yemen, but curious lack of media outcry.

Culture crime news 1–7 June 2015

Hot this week: Boston Public Library theft not a theft after all.

Over 200 Colonial and Republican objects stolen from Guatemalan Museum (official records and photos)
Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 15.23.50

I’ve just been getting news that on 16 May 2015, the private and unopened Museo Guatemalteco de Arte, which is…

Culture crime news 25–31 May 2015

Hot this week: Returns to Italy

Culture crime news 18–24 May 2015

Hot this week: Who looted the Boston Public Library?

Culture crime news 11–17 May 2015

Hot this week: Parthenon sculpture, in court or out?

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