Culture crime news 23 February–1 March 2015
Looting in Ecuador Manta

Hot this week: Destruction at the Mosul museum.

Culture crime news 16–22 February 2015
Painting repatriated to Peru via Andina

Hot this week: Syria.

Culture crime news 9–15 February 2015
Bark Art Fish Australia

Hot this week: The UN acts on Syria, but is this an act?

Culture crime news: 2–8 February 2015

Hot this week: UN bans that that sound great but aren’t likely to do much.

Culture crime news: 26 January–1 February 2015

Hot this week: Big Europol bustups.

Culture crime news 19–25 January 2015
Italy Looted Antiquities

Hot this week: Italy displays the Becchina haul.

Culture crime news 12–18 January 2015
Sikh dagger theft

Hot this week: Very bad things in India.

Cultural guardian confronts the looters, a profile of…me.
2014.12.10 Kathmandu 78 National Museum Sculpture Me

*Blush*/*Shameless self promotion* Times Higher Education has done a feature on me for part of their Research at the Edge…

Culture crime news 5–11 January 2015

Hot this week: Culture Crime News is back!

Failures and consequences of antiquities trafficking policy: rethinking ‘country-specific’ regulation

A taster abstract for one of the journal papers I have “in submission”.

Culture crime news 1–7 December 2014

Hot this week: Oh my gosh the British Museum has gone completely mental.

National Geographic selling jewellery made from unprovenanced Roman glass
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 21.43.54

UPDATE: The amazing Morag Kersel points out that glass is excepted under Israeli law and doesn’t require a permit. Leaving…

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