New Book! Cultural Property Crime: An Overview and Analysis on Contemporary Perspectives and Trends
Cultural Property Crime

Cultural Property Crime An Overview and Analysis on Contemporary Perspectives and Trend Edited by Joris D. Kila and Marc Balcells,…

Culture crime news 10–16 November 2014

Hot this week: A very famous Egyptian faces charges.

Ethically questionable AIA St Louis Maya vessel sells for well over 2x estimate at Bonhams
Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 19.50.19

Yep. Someone bought those ethically questionable Mesoamerican pieces sold at Bonhams. Okay, sure, all the Mesoamerican pieces being sold at…

Culture crime news 3–9 November 2014
Natarajar idol return

Hot this week: Cuno causes a bit of a stir in some circles by not really saying anything new.

Culture crime news 27 October–2 November 2014

Hot this week: More legit archaeological collection pieces being sold by the St Louis AIA.

Archaeological Institute of America St. Louis Society selling Meosamerican antiquities at auction
Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 20.09.56

Does the sale of ‘clean’ antiquities encourage the black market? Ethical questions.

2 looted, mutilated Maya monuments for sale online
Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 14.56.02

This has been a bad week for Maya monuments in the US.

Culture crime news 13–26 October 2014

Hot this week: The surname ‘Clooney’ reappears in my news alerts once again.

Culture crime news 6 October–12 October 2014
Marcos Art

Hot this week: Parthenon marbles talk.

Culture crime news 29 September–5 October 2014
A Paracas piece in Gothenburg which will eventually be returned to Peru

Hot this week: Everyone freaks out at Petrie-excavated object for sale.

Faking the Past: when archaeologists commit fraud
Bansky caveman

We tend to think of fake antiquities as being a problem created by the illicit trade in cultural objects. When…

Culture crime news 22–28 September 2014

Hot this week: The US Secretary of State steps in.

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