About me

I’m Donna Yates, an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology, Faculty of Law, Maastricht University. Previously I was a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Glasgow. I can usually be found in Maastricht, Glasgow, or in a string of airports.


I have a PhD and a MPhil from the University of Cambridge and a BA from Boston University. All of my degrees are in archaeology but my interests and experiences are diverse. I study antiquities trafficking, archaeology, art crime, politics, race, heritage, South Asia, and Latin America.


I am also part of the Trafficking Culture Project. More about professional me here.

I like:

Whales, Bolivia, Mount Everest, Conquest accounts, baseball films, 18th century portraiture, books about science, sea voyages of discovery, earrings that look like ancient stuff, “x” pronounced “sh”, polar/sea/space disasters, Belize, vinegar, decipherment, lost film, Nepal, sound heritage, nautical paintings, Paul Revere, tropical fruit, daguerreotypes, privacy, being warm, the idea of “Indigenous”, brontosaurus, forgeries.

I don’t like:

Celery, putting duvet covers on, voicemail, being insincere so as to not hurt feelings, putting dishes away, being cold, salt, lying, chopping garlic, obligation, movie theatres, breakfast, gendered expectations, the ‘comments’ section, aniseed, false provenance, m-dash, the standardisation of English spelling, altitude, surveillance, shopping, time zones, jet-lag, being asked to work for no pay, the idea of “Indigenous”, apatosaurus, mopping the floor.