Postdocs and PhD Opportunities with Us


There are opportunities, you just have to be ready for them. Some are RIGHT NOW!

Postdoc alert!

ATTENTION PEOPLE WITH PHDs: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme is open for applications and my research group is prepared to support top candidates for this application process. Do you have a background in researching aspects of the illicit trade in cultural (or natural) goods? Art Crime? Art Law? Something in that general vicinity? Do you have a good, innovative project idea that could use financial and social support? The Marie Curie postdoc might be for you. Have a look here:

For us, you will be looking at the European Postdoctoral Fellowships, which for us would mean this is open for either people of any nationality who are coming to Europe from another country in the world OR people of any nationality moving from somewhere else in Europe to the Netherlands. Basically the only people who cannot apply to work with us are people already in the Netherlands. If you are a Netherlands person in this position, there are other options.

The fellowships last between 12 and 24 months. Due date for proposals is 14 September but we need to be working on this LONG before that so, basically, start talking to me now.

I’m going to say it because I have to, I’ll only be supporting the strongest candidates who have an interesting project vision for this. I’m willing to help and shape, but this idea has to be your own.

Get in contact with me ASAP if this is you.

Let’s talk PhD Funding

As I noted in a previous post, Maastricht University’s Faculty of Law has an annual open PhD funding competition. It’s a great opportunity: beyond being fully funded, you become an actual full member of staff at the University (think over a month of vacation every year and pension payments) and the call is open to people of any nationality, visas supported. However it is quite competitive, this isn’t something one submits at the last minute. I also am only able to support ONE candidate so I have to choose the best proposal from what I get in and work with that person. I need that proposal a month before the deadline.

So…I’m announcing this now, a year before the deadline. Folks if you are interested in a PhD in Law or Criminology in something related to crime and cultural or natural goods, talk to me now and start working on the proposal. This is a really good deal, but it isn’t going to happen last minute.