Art Crime, Repatriation, Antiquities Trafficking Book List


A spreadsheet of books about cultural heritage crime and related things

Every once in a while someone asks me for suggested readings in art crime, art law, antiquities trafficking, etc etc. While I can sometimes come up with suggestions, I thought it might be useful to those of you out there to see the contents of my bookshelf. Please find here a spreadsheet of *most* of the books I own in physical format on the topic:

Three levels of a book shelf containing books about Art Crime

Caveats about this spreadsheet

  • It is autogenerated when I scan the ISBN of the books I own. Mistakes or messiness are not my direct fault and I have no time/will to correct them.
  • It only contains my physical books. Anything I own digitally is not here.
  • There may be some non Art Crime books in there. I tried to weed those out but again, no time/will
  • I don’t endorse any of these (well, I do, but being on the list isn’t an endorsement)

Have you looked at the list and noticed I’m missing something? Let me know: Contact.