‘Afghan Genizah’ Paper: The ‘Silk Roads Programme’ at Cambridge University’s King’s College should NOT be included


I’m truly sorry to say that there is an error in a paper I co-authored that appeared “Online First” yesterday. The statement made about the The ‘Silk Roads Programme’ at King’s College was made entirely in error. While two rounds of peer review with four peer reviewed didn’t catch this unfortunate mistake, it WAS a mistake and we are correcting it now.

Please everyone take note: the Silk Roads Programme should not have been included in the list it appeared in. We do not believe that the Silk Roads Programme has done anything wrong, we have no knowledge that they have worked with any questionable manuscripts, and they simply should not have been listed. My sincerest apologies…to them and to everyone reading. This is not the standard that we, the authors, hold ourselves to and we regret any negative response that the Silk Roads Programme may have received due to our mistake.

I’m keenly aware that it is afternoon on a Friday and though I am in contact with the publisher and the editor, I am worried that the article may not come down over the weekend. Hopefully that will not be the case, but if that should happen at least this statement is here.