Work in public or private sector art/heritage industry, law, preservation, policy? Answer 4 student Qs


Help me compile a collection of Career Pathway testimonials

I currently have approximately 50 students in my Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime courses who are completing master’s level programmes in Criminology, Art History, Archaeology, and Museums studies, etc. Many of them have strong interest in topics related to heritage protection and preservation, art crime, cultural heritage law, provenance research, cultural policy, and everything in-between. One of their primary concerns, of course, is employability and they are all keen to figure out what’s next for them.

Can you blame them?

Obviously I can tell them about my career pathway but it lead to a very specific place: the University office that I am sitting in as I type. I want to be able to give them a better impression of what is available outside of a purely University setting. I want to do a bit better than the second hand impressions I’ve gleaned from colleagues and collaborators. Thus I am now collecting Career Pathway Testimonials from professionals who work in a broad interpretation of this field.

Are you willing to participate?

If so, the questions are:

  • What is your position and what does your work entail?
  • What is your education and career path; how did you get to where you are?
  • What qualities, qualifications, and experience does your organisation prioritise in hiring?
  • What advice do you have to offer for a master’s student who is interested in working in your field?

Longer is better for the students so don’t hold back. That said, I know that this is an intrusion on your time.

Email answers to:

I won’t make your responses public without permission. These will be housed on our private e-learning platform and only available to registered students. Do let me know if you are willing to let it be public as I think a smaller public selection would be great.