Carnegie/Caledonian PhD Scholarships: have a good project idea?


If you have a 1st honours degree from a Scottish Uni and a great PhD heritage crime project…

I’m accepting applications for PhD students at the University of Glasgow. Easier said than done: PhD funding is crazy hard to find and although we support potential students in their quest to find funding, finding it is mostly up to them. Or to you if you are one of them. I’ve seen so many great antiquities, art crime, and cultural heritage PhD projects fade because funding wasn’t forthcoming. It’s frustrating for me too…

However if you meet a few key requirements, the Carnegie/Caledonian PhD Scholarship might be some thing to think about. It is VERY competitive and we at Glasgow can only nominate 7 students who then compete against 60 others for 15 places (being real with y’all here). That said, if you tick the boxes it is worth giving it a go.

  • You have to have a 1st class honours degree
  • The degree is from a Scottish Uni, doesn’t matter which one, doesn’t matter your citizenship, doesn’t matter if you have a masters from elsewhere
  • You have to already have a slammin’ idea for a great research project in this field

The last is my requirement. I can help you shape a proposal that you’ve already written but it has to have its own legs if its going to go anywhere.

Does this sound like you? If so, get in touch with me with your CV and idea.