Opportunities: 27 Oct 2016


Learning, networking, conference and employment opportunities in cultural property, art crime research, antiquities trafficking research, provenance studies, and related things. Postings are not endorsements.

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1. Fake? Exhibition, Tel Aviv

A new exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum, titled “Fake?” is examining the spectrum that exists between what is deemed to be real and what is dismissed as fake. Several van Meegerens, on loan from a number of Dutch museums, are on display.

When: 30 September 2016–25 February 2017
Where: Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd, Tel Aviv
Cost: With museum entry

More Info: http://www.tamuseum.org.il/about-the-exhibition/fake-

2. Time to End Intentional Destruction of Cultural Heritage, Meeting, New York

The side event will be organized in the name of the United Nations Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, and will take the form of a two-hour meeting, including presentations and a Q&A segment.

When: 27 October 2016, 17:30–20:00
Where: Conference Room 12, UN Headquarters, New York City
Cost: Free

More Info: http://facultyblog.law.ucdavis.edu/post/time-to-end-intentional-destruction-of-cultural-heritage.aspx
Register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeGcssg3GIDnNmi-pFZWCWJcjOxQ3ICVfR_msg-c6JnNRmfNg/viewform?c=0&w=1

3. National Cultural Heritage Law Moot Court Competition (Registration Open), Chicago

The 2017 Competition will focus on the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act (BGEPA), which prohibits the taking of bald and golden eagles and eagle parts, including feathers. Teams can register now to compete.

When: 24-25 February 2017 (Competition Date)
Where: DePaul University College of Law, Chicago
Cost: N/A

More Info: http://law.depaul.edu/about/centers-and-institutes/center-for-art-museum-cultural-heritage-law/our-work/moot-court-competeition/Pages/default.aspx

4. Fields of Catastrophe: Saving Cultural Heritage, Seminar, Copenhagen

“Hosted by Blue Shield, Denmark, Fields of Catastrophe – Saving Cultural Heritage is a session devoted to topics about safeguarding cultural heritage in times of crisis. The presentations will cover a wide array of topics, ranging from academic theories to accounts of hands-on experience working in the field of catastrophes whether they be man-made or natural.”

When: 11 November (all day event)
Where: National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen
Cost: Free

More Info: http://heritagefridays.dk/fields-of-catastrophe/?lang=en