Glasgow Artists: Want one of your works featured in my online course trailer?


Any Glasgow artists want their art in a video that’ll be seen by tens of thousands of people?

This is a bit of an odd request but hear me out.

Very quickly, I am filming the trailer for a free online course on Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime at the Hunterian Art Gallery on Monday morning. For it we are going to semi stage an art theft. It’ll be tasteful but cool. We are going to try it two ways: one removing an artefact from a case, another having a painting disappear from an easel, both after some people walk by and admire it. I’ve got an artefact for the case. I’m looking for a painting for the easel.

I was just going to go to a charity shop and pick up some random painting that looked acceptable enough from a distance. However, it occurred to me just now that it might be nice to have the work of a real Glasgow artist up there being admired (and then swiped!). We can also credit the work on the page somewhere with a link to the artist’s website. There will be tens of thousands of people watching this video.

Are you a Glasgow artist? Are you game for this?

Some specifics:

  • I’d need to collect the piece before 8:30am on Monday 31 August.
  • The piece needs to be on a canvas or something rigid (wood?) so that it can sit on the easel by itself
  • It needs to be “not too big and not too small”. Big enough to be seen but small enough that it looks like someone could reasonably conceal it if it was stolen. So longest edge maybe…up to 2.5 feet but no less than 1.5 feet?
  • I hate to say this, but it can’t have nudity or whatever on it. Lame.
  • You have to give me something to transport it in. I don’t want to mess up your art.

Obviously, we’ll give it back. Looking at my schedule, I can get it back to you on that Monday depending on where you are.

If I don’t hear from anyone, I’ll go get some fine charity shop art, no problems.