Investigating the trafficking of cultural objects: lineup for SAA 2015


This could be the most awesome Society for American Archaeology session ever. You all have to wait until April for this to happen but it is something to look forward to! Hooray to all the presenters.

Investigating the trafficking of cultural objects: novel and interdisciplinary approaches
SAA 80th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, April 15–19, 2015

Antiquities, drugs, guns, diamonds, wildlife: toward a theory of transnational criminal markets in illicit goods
Simon Mackenzie

The Kapoor Case: International collaboration on antiquities provenance research
Jason Felch

Alternative Strategies in Confronting Looting and Trafficking in Defense of Peruvian Portable Heritage.
Alvaro Higueras

The Ka Nefer Nefer and Federal Intervention in the Illicit Antiquities Trade
Derek Fincham

Geospatial strategies for mapping large scale archaeological site destruction: The case from Egypt
Sarah Parcak

Bones of Contention: Further Investigation into the Online Trade in Archaeological and Ethnographic Human Remains
Duncan Chappell & Damien Huffer

The ruin of the Maya heartland: successes, failures, and consequences of four decades of antiquities trafficking regulation
Donna Yates (Me!)

Syria: Cultural Property Protection Policy Failure?
Neil Brodie

Discussant: Morag Kersel