Culture crime news: 24 Feb–2 Mar 2014


Hot topics: Roman sarcophagus lid return

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Stealing relics: An ancient pastime that lives on today
25 February, The Globe and Mail

An Eye for Art—Crime
24 February 2014, The Wall Street Journal

The Art of Authenticating Masterpieces
25 February 2014, Property Casualty 360

Museums take action over works looted from India (Subhash Kapoor fallout in Australia and US etc)
26 February 2014, The Art Newspaper


Thugs raid war cemetery in search of scrap metal, relics (Kenya)
25 February 2014, Standard

No Stolen Artefacts From Nigerian Museums
26 February 2014, The Nigerian Observer


Big Time Theft at Cuba Fine Arts Museum
27 February 2014, Havana Times

Preserving the past: 3D printer recovers artifacts (3D printing Costa Rican vessels stolen from Miami University)
25 February 2014, The Miami Student

Authorities to Seize a Roman Statue in Queens That They Say Was Stolen
27 February 2014, The New York Times

Pissarro painting at University of Oklahoma under dispute
27 February 2014, The Los Angeles Times

Amherst College, FBI reopen investigation into 1975 heist from campus art museum (USA)
24 February 2014, Daily Reporter

Modern-day Monuments Men: The State Department’s Cultural Heritage Center (USA)
24 February 2014, Huffington Post

St. Mary’s College Remembers Dr. Marty Edward Sullivan (fromer chair of CPAC)
27 February 2014, The Baynet

Martin E. Sullivan, Portrait Gallery director who tried to widen museum’s perspective,dies
01 March 2014, The Washington Post

Photographer publishes pics of attempted Banksy removal in New Orleans
24 February 2014, The Times-Picayune

Discovery may prompt new gold rush (USA)
1 March 2014, SF Gate

Painting that took 200 hours to complete stolen from west-end gallery (Canada)
25 February 2014, City News

South and East Asia

‘Dancing Girl’ of Moenjo-daro (Pakistan/India)
24 February 2014, Pakistan Today

EOW Taking Steps to Retrieve Smuggled Idols from Australia, Singapore, Belgium (India)
27 February 2014, The New Indian Express

Idol of lord Ganesh Stolen (Nepal)
25 February 2014, Republica

Eight ancient statues missingin East Java
26 February 2014, Jakarta Post

Relics theft and damage (China)
25 February 2014, ECNS

US and China renew import deal
1 March 2014, The Art Newspaper

Import ban on Chinese art creates an uneven playing field
1 March 2014, The Art Newspaper

America’s agreement with China creates opportunities as well as challenges
1 March 2014, The Art Newspaper

Sotheby’s to Offer World-Record Jadeite Necklace (imply it was stolen from Summer Palace)
26 February 2014, ArtNet News

headless Buddhas from Angkor by Dinh Q. Lee

Headless Buddhas from Angkor. Photos by Dinh Q. Lee

West Asia

British national tried over antiquities smuggling charges (Yemen)
25 February 2014, Yemen Post

Yemen tries Briton accused of smuggling artefacts
25 February 2014, Gulf News

Jerusalem antiques dealer slams Israel-Egypt ‘plot’
23 February 2014, Haaretz

Smuggled amphoras returned to Turkey
27 February 2014, Hurriyet Daily News

Australia and Oceania

India seeks return of looted NGA statue (Australia/India; Paywalled)
24 February 2014, The Australian

The return of the horse (Ancient Chinese bronze horse stolend and returned in Australia)
26 February 2014, The Young Witness

Returning Mungo Man no easy task (Australia)
1 March 2014, The New Zealand Herald

Sale of ancient slingstones reported (Guam)
1 March 2014, Guam PDN


Ukraine says ‘Goodbye Lenin’ (destruction of statues)
25 February 2014, The Art Newspaper

Rublev Museum to Remove Ikons from Kiev Ahead of Schedule
26 February 2014, The Moscow Times

Verdict due in Rome on Getty’s Victorious Youth
25 February 2014, The Art Newspaper

Macedonian police arrest 8 for big museum theft
27 February 2014, Associated Press

Stolen relics arrest (Cyprus)
28 February 2014, The Cyprus Daily

Somme Heritage Centre, Newtownards, has items stolen
1 March 2014, BBC News

In other news

People stealing souvenirs from Isle of Man’s ancient forest (Fossils)
25 February 2014, IOM Today

Couple minted after stumbling across millions in gold coins (USA)
26 February 2014, The Guardian

Sotheby’s Says Buyer of Record Diamond Sold At Auction Defaults
27 February 2014, Bloomberg

George Clooney calls for Mona Lisa to be returned to Italy
14 February 2014, The Guardian

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