Thoughts on Sotheby’s Paris’ Barbier-Mueller Collection sale, in three parts


I have been putting off posting about this subject but, as I am starting to receive emails about it, I suppose it is time.

On March 22/23 Sotheby’s Paris will be auctioning a chunk of the infamous Barbier-Mueller Collection. This is quite a big affair: from Monday, 4 March until the day of the auction the items will be on display and the house has created a two-volume book set featuring “commentary by leading international experts.” I never quite know what to do when collections like this come up for sale. I want to just run around, waving my hands saying “LOOK LOOK, EVERYONE LOOK!” I suppose that is what I am doing now.I am going to do two more posts on issues surrounding this sale. One on the collection contents, one on action being taken by Peru to halt the sale and recover some of the items.